Gothlic – A young man with tattoos and piercings, wearing all black, is kneeling down in church praying the Rosary. Is this truly a Goth showing reverence for God? Isn’t “Catholic Goth” a contradiction? Within these pages the author discusses his entrance into the Gothic and Catholic communities, and attempts to clear up many of the misconceptions that people have.


About the Author
Shane, aka Reverend Leviathan, is a 30+ year old “Gothlic” (Catholic Goth). Originally from Lexington, KY he was raised in a home without religion. Due to so much hatred and hypocrisy seen in the church he was an agnostic for many years. When he was 16 he had a vision of an angel, visited a church and felt the love of God for the first time in his life. Five years later after much study and prayer he entered the Catholic Church. He’s always felt called to minister to the “little ones”.