Justin Howard Savacool

A loving memorial written by Sheri Luckey Bjorn.

Justin Savacool played drums with Dark Valentine. He was the son of our bass player, Libby Luckey Fraund, and our nephew. Goth Mom Donna and Michael Sheehy, of the Grave Robbers Ministry, helped make his dreams come true by flying him to Champaign, Illinois to play drums with Dark Valentine at the Audio Feed festival. Justin was also an intricate member of the band Wedding Party. As part of the theatrical and visual aspect of the band, Justin was dressed in white as Jesus.

Justin was very sacrificial, had a big heart and loved unconditionally. He gave his heart to Jesus when he was a little boy and the love of Jesus shined though him. This gave him a true compassion for all people.

Justin passed away on August 28th, 2020. He is now in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was very much loved and we miss him greatly. We look forward to reuniting with him one day in heaven.


Libby (Mom) and Justin

Justin playing drums with the Goth band, Dark Valentine.